Fund Manager

The Money Manager (MM) program is the prime solution for professional traders, brokers and financial institutions managing client accounts. If you are a fund or assets manager, or an individual involved in trading under the power of attorney then you have come to the right place. Besides providing you with a cutting edge platform and unique set of trading tools GS makes sure that you are able to customize your commission structure to achieve the optimal income plan for your business.

Here is how it works

  1. Register your MM partnership with GS and receive a MM Account.
  2. To manage customers' accounts and set up your commission structure, provide us with money manager authorization agreement.
  3. Begin your successful trading career at GS and start receiving MM Fee.
Benefits of becoming our Money Managers

The Money Manager program offers a customized commission plan and a unique set of trading tools to optimize client account management - such as unlimited multi-account trading - coupled with our excellent trading conditions and value-added services.

GS Multiterminal was specially developed for Money Managers through which they can trade multiple accounts simultaneously with one-click instant execution.

Our MM platform gives you an instant overview of all the positions, margin requirements and cash movements over any number of your managed accounts.

We supply the flexibility you need by providing you with fund management tools and multiple allocation schemes to meet the needs of you and your customers.

We make it possible for Money Managers to adapt trading conditions and default transaction sizes to each individual account.

Individualized services, up-to-date news feeds, excellent spreads, tremendous amount of technical indicators, fast order execution and custom reporting for your managed clients are all part of the deal.

Finally, we give you an opportunity to grow your customer base from within. Services of successfully trading Money Managers will be recommended to our existing customers.

How to register your MM partnership and get an MM Account?

To join one of our partnership programs, please contact our institutional clients center.

How start managing introduced customer's assets?

GS requires a warranty that the Money Manager, who has power of attorney over the introduced clients' accounts, has sufficient authorization from those clients and has the legal authority to act on their behalf.

In case you would like to alter any of GS' standard trading terms or charge to your clients any management or performance fee, then we will ask you to provide us with a Customer Specific Trading Conditions Agreement signed by the customer, where he or she explicitly accepts those terms.

Once your authority is certified and conditions are set, you can start servicing your customers by trading on their behalf.