IB Introducing Broker

The Introducing Broker (IB) program is a great opportunity for individuals and organizations who would like to develop their business by attracting clients to GS and earning commissions from those clients' trading activity. Any individual or organization with contacts in the financial trading community can become a successful IB.

Our goal is to develop a mutually beneficial relationship in order to serve your clients at the highest professional level while offering competitive compensation packages and other rewards to you.

Here is how it works?

Our specialists have many years of experience catering to the precise needs of IBs. As an appointed IB you will have your own account manager. An account manager's role is to help you develop your business, guide you through the setup, maintain the day-to-day activities for your firm and by providing the highest levels of service to make sure that your and your customers' needs are met.

We offer a total solution, from provision of the trading platforms, account opening, to execution and settlement of transactions, to issuing trading statements to your clients.

While you simply introduce customers to GS and earn a competitive compensation, we handle the administrative overhead managing the back-end and technical solutions for you. The IB program gives you the freedom to focus on managing, assisting and interacting with your customers.

Our extensive IB back office will give you access to your clients' details, transactions, remunerations and rebates.

As an IB you will gain access to our diverse content-sharing program along with full backup in terms of marketing material, leads management as well as back-office and reporting functionalities.

GS will provide you with everything you need to run a successful IB business.

How to tie an introduced customer account to your IB account?
  1. Disclose to your customer your IB Account number and ask him or her to enter this number into a corresponding field during the opening of a customer trading account
  2. Simply let us know the name of the client that you have introduced to us and we will tie his client account to your IB account.

How is the IB Fee calculated?

Once you introduce a customer who will open an account with GS you will start receiving an IB Fee from us. Your IB Fee will be based on your clients trading activity and will be tied to your IB Account.

The IB Fee is calculated automatically within the Partner's Room. You have access to your customers trading statistics and corresponding calculation of the IB Fee in real time.

How to withdraw your IB Fee?

You may withdraw an IB Fee from the IB Account at any given point in time; alternatively, GS can transfer an IB Fee to your bank account on a monthly basis.