MetaTrader4(MT4) trading platform is established by MetaQuotes Software Corp.There are more than 300 brokers and banks around the world are using this trading platform. With a comprehensive trading order and chart analysis function, MT4 has become the world's most popular online forex trading platform CFD.

GS with the collaboration of MT4, a software development company, launches a brand new trading platform to cater for the increasing needs of the investors. The MT4 not only has the excellent graphics and a single function, but also has a more flexible terms and conditions, allowing you to get more handy MT4 trader experience.

Why choose GS MT4 Trading platform?

At the same time trading foreign exchange, precious metals

At the same time trading foreign exchange, gold and silver, leverage can be as high as 500:1, the smallest single hand number as low as 0.1.

Rich technical analysis tools

31 kinds of graphics analysis tools, 30 kinds of technical indicators, and can be customized parameters and display methods.

Excellent execution ability

Each quote can support up to $10 million in trading volume, single speed transactions.

No negative balance guarantee

Regardless of market conditions, account losses will not exceed the principal, effectively control losses, enhance risk management capabilities.

Support mobile transactions

In addition to desktop computers, you can also log on to the platform through the smart phone or tablet PC, anytime, anywhere under the single transaction.

Advanced single function

A transaction, stop and support mobile part open function, and can set profit / stop before they open.

A more comprehensive chart function

Positions, technical indicators, drawing lines on the chart at the same time, and can also display a number of charts clearly.

SMS tips

Ad hoc series of customized SMS tips, including access to the notice, transaction tips, margin level tips, etc..

Major Function

Excellent execution

24 hours of streaming quotes, time synchronization with the international market

Each offer supports up to $10 million in trading volume, single speed transactions

Narrow at competitive

Foreign exchange spreads as low as 0

Gold as low as 0.3

Silver as low as 0.3

Rich graphics capabilities

Can directly click the chart and display the positions and orders

9 kinds of chart period, 30 kinds of technical indexes, 31 kinds of analysis tools

Strong and efficient single function

Offer prompt function

Simultaneously before they open the stop orders (Stop Loss) and only single (Take Profit)

Free part of the position to carry out part of the liquidation

Simultaneously at the preset stop / stop

According to the number of sets of automatic stop / stop profit price

Support for tracking stop loss function

Allow hedge

Detailed account information display

Display positions and funds in real time

Display transaction history

Profit and loss can be selected to display the number of points or the amount of display

An account can also log on to the desktop and mobile version

Position, funds and other account information automatic synchronization

Have as good as the desktop version of the function

Equipped with personalized access, transaction message prompt service


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