White Label Broker

The White Label (WL) program is a turnkey solution for financial institutions, such as banks, investment companies and other organizations having their own client base that would like to expand their portfolio of financial products.

Here is how it works

  1. Register your WLP partnership with GSDO
  2. Customize the GS MetaTrader trading platform with your own look, feel and brand
  3. Diversify your product portfolio by introducing your new cutting edge product to the customers
  4. Run your new profitable venture with our support
Benefits of setting up your White Label Partnership with GSDO:

The White Label Partnerships with GSDO allows for an extremely profitable revenue sharing model. The revenues that you collect depend completely on the pricing policy that you will set up for your clients.

GSDO MetaTrader4 trading platform has passed numerous real life tests and has become a standard in terms of stability which allows our White Label Partner to develop its clientele with an endurable product.

GSDO MetaTrader4 trading platform is only the tip of the iceberg. Our White Label solution is meant for serious brokers and banks that look realistically at monitoring and controlling all trading operations. The White Label offer includes separate monitoring platforms for dealers, back-office personnel and even sales people, with varied functionalities ranging from real-time monitoring of account balances, open positions and risk margins to single/multiple order placement, new account creation, credit/debit of balances and all types of back-office operations.

We pay careful attention to each White Label partners' specific business configuration and work closely with you to streamline your trading operations.

We understand that creating an effective and sustainable White Label Partnership is about more than just providing an IT solution. It is about building relationships based on mutual respect, trust and understanding.

White Label Partnership with GSDO enables banks and brokers to satisfy their customers' demand for online trading tools. Our trading solutions enable you to harness and develop already existing customer trading relationships and extract greater returns from them whilst streamlining internal trading operations and rendering them as efficient as possible.

The White Label software comes encrypted with the highest commercially available internet security. All platforms feature 128 bit SSL encryption.

Fully integrated CRM System monitors every customer interaction, including sales, support and marketing cycles.

Our White Label solution is fully compatible and can be connected with any existing core banking system.

White Label Partnership is extremely flexible and can be customized to your needs. It allows back-office operations to either be relayed to GSDO or dealt with directly by the WLP and subsequently confirmed by our back-office.

Your end customers remain anonymous to GSDO.

Our White Label solution provides a mobile telephone WAP trading application which can be used on practically any mobile telephone. All main trading functionalities are represented meaning your customers can monitor their account, open positions and even trade whilst travelling without the need for an internet connection.

General requirements for setting up a White Label Partnership:

If you are a financial institution, such as a bank, investment company or an organization with a wide client base then White Label Partnership is an excellent solution to expand your portfolio of financial products.

A White Label Partnership requires both parties to dedicate a considerable amount of time and technical effort and is therefore unsuitable for many potential partners.

As a White Label Partner, you will need a significant investment in your own customer-support and back-office capabilities in order to provide the full range of services that the client base of a separately branded company will require. Clients will expect to consult you on a variety of matters ranging from queries related to their accounts to the rules of trading.

As a result, you should only consider this kind of partnership if you are effectively committing the venture to achieve a high level of revenue for both parties. We may ask for a commitment to provide a certain volume of business before agreeing to proceed.

How to register your White Label Partnership?

To join one of our partnership programs, please contact our institutional clients center.

Setting Up Your Trading Platform?

With over 5 years' experience in developing bespoke solutions, we have the expertise to deliver fully branded White Label services within impressive timeframes for our partner brands.

A full White Label solution can be designed, developed, and delivered - including a trading platform, and all the associated support functions - in less than 3 months. In addition, we can help you train your staff and develop communications strategies to build your business. Our White Label model has been tried and tested over the years, giving you the reassurance of innovative technology and knowledgeable support in addition to quick and efficient delivery.

We will put up a demonstration platform to give you an accurate idea of how your White Label platform would look like. We will integrate your logo and use your corporate colors. If you don't have corporate graphic guidelines, our design team will be happy to design a genuine layout and even a proper logo for you.

What are the earnings of a White Label Partner?

Revenue of White Label Partners is volume based. Due to your deep involvement into all of the processes and direct management of your clients this program allows us to set you up for an extremely profitable revenue sharing model.

Our commercial terms are negotiated with each client to meet their particular situation and requirements.