Why Choose Us

Why choose us

GS is dedicated to provide financial derivatives products trading, include foreign exchange, metal, nature resource, stock index, agriculture products and so on. We aim to provide quality customer service with leading platform technology and highly competitive trading terms to meet different needs of worldwide customers.

Remarkable commercial idea

Building customers' trust and confidence in our service is one of our top priorities. In GSDO, we create the investment environment that is completely fair and transparent, stipulated by financial supervision authority.

Network around the world

In today's world, financial, technology and thought globalization are accelerating. As the internet technology is remarkably advancing, the global financial market has been connected as one with improved homogeneity. Potential good opportunities arise where GSDO is oriented to expand this global commercial value of the region. With the establishment of GSDO offices worldwide, we provide broker services for the investors from more than 40 countries.

Technology push

Direct Market Access (DMA) is a more efficient and complex trading mode in foreign exchange market nowadays. DMA mode enables retail forex traders in direct contact with foreign exchange market. The traders can order and trade with liquidity providers, such as banks, other brokers, market makers and etc. Under this mode, electronic equipment transmits the traders' order price and possible quantity information between bank and buyer. Both of the institution of bank market or personal foreign exchange retail trading will be under a transparency and low-latency surroundings. Therefore, DMA mode is accepted as the most ideal, transparent and fairest trading mode in foreign exchange. GSDO uses the most advanced technology to ensure every customer's trading into real, stable, transparent liquid monetary market without trader interference in unlimited positions and time.